Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Factory: 7Y-N0 "DYNO"

The streets of Lenoria are a dangerous place for rebels. As such, frame racers adapt and arm their racing mechs to serve as light foot-soldiers in combat.
Presenting the 7Y-N0 "DYNO"

A fast, lightly armored, and highly agile frame, the Dyno's springy feet are the top of the game when it comes to racing frames. This frame was pretty custom and relatively simple, but I drew a little inspiration from Mech-A-Day's minifig gun legs. I broke my real-parts rule by making the paintball gun gray, but no ragrets here, it's really the only thing. I went for a very thin and wiry look for this frame, trying to cut as much bulk as possible while still looking sleek.
I also took a little inspiration from the Titanfall Spectres and robot pilots, who have spring feet for running and humanoid shapes. I'm a big fan of the look, and I can just imagine this this thing sprinting down a street.

From the slimmed down view, you can see I used an engine block as the torso, and ice picks for the feet. Admittedly, this may not like to stand IRL, but I still think it looks cool enough for the rule of cool to make it not matter. :P

As always, the files are on My baseplate on bricklink.

Thanks for checking this out, and good luck out there.


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Factory: The 5T-1O "FiveTen"

Due to the rising tension between the city-state of New Thermopylae and its citizens, police forces all across the planet of Oberron began adopting the 5T-1O "FiveTen."

This guy was really fun to build for a variety of reasons, but first let's talk about the things I pulled from other frames. First, the leg design is inspired (If not stolen lol) from SKRoberto. The body is, of course, essentially one of Soren's Chub bodies, so that's not too crazy.

As you can see from this back shot, the ankles are highly articulated, the elbows, shoulders, and even knees can move. This makes for decent pose-ability, and I'm quite happy with his nightstick weapon. The pistol design might get used more by me in the future, too.

Overall I'm quite happy with how this came out. The police theme came up quite early in the design process, and I'm glad it doesn't look like an afterthought.

Here's a broken down back shot, you can see the ankles better, and the gun arm is pretty straightforward. The head is also pretty basic, but it's the first really stylized head I've done. Using the chub body made for a reasonably versatile base for the arms, and using a travis brick as the shoulder piece let me bulk up and decorate them.

As always, the files are on My baseplate on bricklink.

Thanks for checking this out!


Friday, April 27, 2018

Factory: The G1-LY "Grilay"

Now that I'm getting into the groove of working with, I present to you the G1-LY "Grilay!"
This guy was a blast to make, but required a ton of iterations. I completely redesigned the head and arms probably 5 times each. I always start my builds at the pelvis, and this time around I made these legs, which I'm quite happy with. I'm pretty sure I've seen similar legs around, but these just happened, so no complaints here. The articulation is pretty good; as you can see, we have elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. (Not to mention shoulder mounts that articulate)

Here's a back view and a stripped view.

As always, you can download the .io files from My Baseplate on bricklink.

I hope you guys like this guy's personality as much as I do!
Until next time,


Monday, April 16, 2018

Factory: The 4T-LK "Autolock"!

My first all-digital frame has just been completed. I am quite happy with it, but I think it could go even further as a base frame. I present to you, the 4T-LK Autolock!
I'm in love with this stompy guy, let me talk you through some of the build notes. This frame is very articulated, especially compared to my older frames. It has knees, hips, elbows, and even toes! The "Cockpit" of the frame is on a kind of suspension, which allows the top to be moved up. Here's a picture of him stretched out, so you can see the parts better.
You can see from the back picture that there's a little more going on with the feet here. There are three toes, a foot design I used many years ago but without proper leg size. Now that I have these stocky, over-engineered legs, I think the big three-toed feet fit really well. The arms are pretty cool too, though I don't think I'm as impressed by them. They have click hinge elbows and the shoulders articulate on a single stud connection. The torso itself is pretty stocky, but here's a more naked shot, so you can see the build.
The torso is a travis brick with a two-side-stud brick (47905) coming out the back. This then allows for a technic converter brick to be placed under it, allowing for the two "Arms" that hold the torso above the hips. The build uses three "Pneumatic T's" and I had to stop my self from using more. They make great shoulders, but here I'm using them as part of the hips, as well as the backwards knees.

Anyway, I just had to show off my new creation. This is my first frame to be fully rendered first, and I'm not sure if I'll even ever build him. Though... I definitely want to. Thanks for stopping by.


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Factory: The Lenorian Sil!

Today, we begin our journey into the past, and revisit an old, quite basic frame of mine. I present to you the Lenorian Sil.

The Lenorian Sil has a deep backstory, which you can read more about on the original Deviantart post Here. Pictured above is the base variant, but here's a photo of the gladiator variant I built in 2014.
The lore behind this frame is that it was designed by and for gaseous aliens, so there's no real need for a cockpit. It's called a "Sil" because the gaseous aliens(Lenorians) were trying to mimic the silhouette of humans when they made this frame, since they have no real shape.

This was my first dive into making non-conventional frames, and I'm quite happy with how things turned out. The texture of the side panels being slightly angled really appeals to the eye, and the articulated shoulders and hips are a good plus. I know I skimped a little on the legs, and I'll be working to improve them, but this frame was really built around the idea of using handlebars as a pelvis. You'll notice the render and the originals look slightly different in a couple of ways. First, the modeling software was not happy about how I shoved those big finned shoulder things on the taps for his shoulders, so in the render I moved them to his arms. Additionally, you may notice some color changes on the render. The digital version was made four years after the first one, and these are just a few small changes I made to the overall look. I'm going to be revisiting the design for future builds.

Here's a back shot of the stripped down frame. From here you can see the feet, which are just taps used for support. Like I said, I don't like the legs on this frame very much and hope to upgrade them soon. You can also see a stripped down version of the shoulder/head area. Yes, that's just two travis bricks. I couldn't have a build without one.

Let's hope I can really revive this blog by adding some more content! I'm really getting into, so I hope to have some cool renders without the limitations of my supplies coming soon. On a more sad note, I no longer have any legos in my possession, so I may start bricklinking. If you have any store reccomendations, drop a comment.


Sunday, February 7, 2016

Factory: The PalinDrones!

Hello, everyone! Today I bring you the only company that has ever lasted me more than a month. It's the Hangar 21 PalinDrones!

From left to right, meet
Lee, eh? To the Eel!
Taco Cat
The station, a damaged energy core
Amore, Roma

These are built pretty simply, and all you see here have movement systems. (Because four legs)
A travis brick sits directly under a 2x2 round plate. attached to each side is a hand clip, and each leg is made of a 1x2 with bar on the end. (60478) Each leg also has a 1x2 plate that either has no studs on top or a single stud on top in the center. To these, I use taps to attach sensor domes, or get creative and do something else. The tops vary, but most have a cone on top, in the center of the round plate.

I hope you like it!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

News: Blog Tags

This post is just to help you all understand the hopefully obvious organization of my blog.

Four categories should be able to classify all of the posts on here in a helpful way.

News. Like this one, a news prefix/tag means that the post relates directly to the real world, or this blog. Posts about real-life meetups, battle reports, real-life MFZ news, etc will have this tag.

Lore. This tag will be used on posts that contain my fiction. Any posts with stories or background in the Solar calendar universe will have this tag.

Combat: Also known as the battlefield, these posts will talk about strategies, loadouts, setups, tactics, cover, etc. This is also where any rule variants I make will end up.

Factory: This tag will be used on posts that are about building, using LEGO to put things together, etc. This is where I'll show off my frames and talk about how I made them.

These are subject to change, but as far as I can tell, this seems like a pretty inclusive way to do this.

Happy hunting!