Sunday, February 7, 2016

Factory: The PalinDrones!

Hello, everyone! Today I bring you the only company that has ever lasted me more than a month. It's the Hangar 21 PalinDrones!

From left to right, meet
Lee, eh? To the Eel!
Taco Cat
The station, a damaged energy core
Amore, Roma

These are built pretty simply, and all you see here have movement systems. (Because four legs)
A travis brick sits directly under a 2x2 round plate. attached to each side is a hand clip, and each leg is made of a 1x2 with bar on the end. (60478) Each leg also has a 1x2 plate that either has no studs on top or a single stud on top in the center. To these, I use taps to attach sensor domes, or get creative and do something else. The tops vary, but most have a cone on top, in the center of the round plate.

I hope you like it!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

News: Blog Tags

This post is just to help you all understand the hopefully obvious organization of my blog.

Four categories should be able to classify all of the posts on here in a helpful way.

News. Like this one, a news prefix/tag means that the post relates directly to the real world, or this blog. Posts about real-life meetups, battle reports, rel-life MFZ news, etc will have this tag.

Lore. This tag will be used on posts that contain my fiction. Any posts with stories or background in the Solar calendar universe will have this tag.

Combat: Also known as the battlefield, these posts will talk about strategies, loadouts, setups, tactics, cover, etc. This is also where any rule variants I make will end up.

Factory: This tag will be used on posts that are about building, using LEGO to put things together, etc. This is where I'll show off my frames and talk about how I made them.

These are subject to change, but as far as I can tell, this seems like a pretty inclusive way to do this.

Happy hunting!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

News: Another MFZ Blog?

Yes, I gave in. Much like the late Orion 6, this blog will be an outlet of my own fiction. It will also be where you can find my rants, my OC builds, my games. This is where you can go to check how I built something. You can come here to see my insights on miscellaneous things. This blog will hopefully be a good place to put out my battle reports and pictures.

Plans for this blog
-My companies
-My fan fiction
-My OC builds
-My Strategies/Rants

Stay tuned! Bookmark me!