Sunday, February 7, 2016

Factory: The PalinDrones!

Hello, everyone! Today I bring you the only company that has ever lasted me more than a month. It's the Hangar 21 PalinDrones!

From left to right, meet
Lee, eh? To the Eel!
Taco Cat
The station, a damaged energy core
Amore, Roma

These are built pretty simply, and all you see here have movement systems. (Because four legs)
A travis brick sits directly under a 2x2 round plate. attached to each side is a hand clip, and each leg is made of a 1x2 with bar on the end. (60478) Each leg also has a 1x2 plate that either has no studs on top or a single stud on top in the center. To these, I use taps to attach sensor domes, or get creative and do something else. The tops vary, but most have a cone on top, in the center of the round plate.

I hope you like it!